dingolix makes event planning easy!
Are you planning an event with lots of tasks and workers? Are you tired of Excel lists and sending countless e-mails?
dingolix will support you!
It does not matter whether it is the annual event of the sports association or the one-time barbecue with friends, the periodic activities of a political party or the neighborhood festival, the professional catering company or the club - dingolix will support you by managing the assignments and sending the e-mails. Are your volunteers forgetting their assignments? There's an end of it - they receive calendar entries for Outlook or Google Calendar and have the possibility to check their tasks at any time.
Start benefiting from dingolix now - it is simple and free:
Register your organization (association, company, family and so on).
Invite interested persons to join your organization on dingolix (or register the volunteers on the user administration page).
Create a new event (football tournament, wedding celebration or whatever you like) and make a list of the tasks (selling tickets, baking a cake, distribute flyers and so on).
Your volunteers can sign up for those tasks and get a notification after you have confirmed the assignments. An e-mail with the details of the task is automatically sent to the person.
Print the operation schedule and look forward to your well-planned event!
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